• Makeup Artistry Basics Certificate Program

    Makeup Artistry Basics Certificate Program

    In this intense one week makeup artistry certificate program, students will perfect the basic skills needed to work as a makeup artist in the beauty and bridal fields.

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  • A.S.H.A. School of Makeup Artistry

    Set yourself apart from the crowd by gaining the makeup artistry techniques and creative marketing skills needed to succeed in a competitive industry. Professional, working fashion photographers are on hand to capture students’ work and a portfolio building photoshoot is offered to students at an affordable rate complete with agency standard models. “I want my students to leave the school with a fighting chance of making it in the industry – I have designed the program to focus on areas that other schools seem to miss out on or simply don’t offer – the reality of what it takes to carve out a niche market for yourself in a competitive industry.”

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  • Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques

    This workshop is for those students who have already completed makeup artistry programs in the past or are already working in the field - but feel that they need to improve their makeup artistry Techniques to take their skill set and business to the next level!

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Born in Canada
and raised on the Caribbean island of St.Kitts since the age of nine, Asha has always been a creative spirit. Inspired by the tropical beauty around her, she began designing jewelry, eventually launching a successful jewelry line called “Blue Love” sold at exclusive island boutiques and the Four Seasons Hotel. Asha continued to explore her artistic talents, which lead to fashion styling gigs for magazines, photoshoots and personal clients both in the Caribbean and in Toronto.

After moving back to Toronto to attend university, her creative passions combined with an interest in makeup led her to become a certified makeup artist and begin working full time in the field.

Asha has since worked with top Toronto fashion photographers such as Tony DiLorenzo, Jeff Hui and Stephen Loban to name a few. Her makeup work has also been published in top editorial fashion magazines – most recently Tantalum Magazine. Additionally Asha has also worked for the world renowned cosmetic giant – M.A.C cosmetics where she was able to further hone her makeup artistry skills. She has worked also worked as the featured Beauty contributor on the fashion blog ionfashion.com where she reviewed cosmetic products, created makeup tutorial videos and blogged about the happenings within the beauty industry.

Asha has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with numerous music video production and event planning companies, short films, theatre productions,  Toronto Fashion Week runway shows, fashion designers, musicians, designer boutiques, private clients and the list goes on.

After working as a free lance makeup artist both in Toronto and Internationally for the past seven years, she felt it was time to share her experience in the beauty industry to other creative minds through the founding of the A.S.H.A school of makeup artistry.

“I wanted to start my own makeup artistry school in order to teach students to be successful working makeup artists within their field of choice. I want to teach real world experience and creative networking to new makeup artists entering the field, as this is just as, if not more important than good makeup artistry skills”, says Asha. “I learned a lot about makeup techniques in school but not how to make smart networking decisions, this I had to learn through trial and error”.

Additionally, the A.S.H.A school of makeup artistry also offers Makeup Classes and Packages for the “Modern Woman” as well as Bridal Packages for the discerning bride. “Every woman should feel beautiful and confident in their skin, we all have features that we are proud of and should learn simple tricks to enhance them”, says Asha.

With her vast experience in both the art world and makeup artistry Asha hopes to help effect change within the industry and the way makeup courses are being taught. In the Basic Makeup Artistry certificate program there is a big focus on building a professional portfolio and keen marketing skills, so that when students leave the school they leave with a much better chance of negotiating paying jobs. “Inspiring confidence in students is also paramount to their eventual success” says Asha who draws on her educational background is social work and psychology to really take the whole person into account when teaching them makeup artistry. “Artistic people are often sensitive and profoundly deep individuals who need lots of support and encouragement to reach their full potential – something which large class sizes at other schools are not able to adequately provide.”

Professional, working fashion photographers are on hand to capture students’ work and a portfolio building photoshoot is offered to students at an affordable rate complete with agency standard models. “I want my students to leave the school with a fighting chance of making it in the industry – I have designed the program to focus on areas that other schools seem to miss out on or simply don’t offer – the reality of what it takes to carve out a niche market for yourself in a competitive industry”

The philosophy of the school as explained to me by Asha is simply this – Talent can’t be taught, but it can be nurtured and molded. Being an artist isn’t a choice but a calling and its up to you to follow your dreams and make them a reality. Asha hopes that by students choosing to attend her intense one week Makeup artistry program and additional skill and portfolio building workshops, that students leave her school with a sense of confidence in their abilities both as makeup artists and business people. “Makeup has the power to inspire such confidence in women – I live for the glow that they exude when they feel most beautiful.”

“I hope to share my tips and tricks of the trade with makeup artistry students and “modern women” alike, that have helped me to find success in my own career and learn a few new tricks from my pupils and clients as well!”



Tantalum Magazine Editorial Spread  www.tantalummag.com

“The Guild” issue 4




I met Asha a couple of months ago at a party when Nicole Richie was in town to promote one of her fashion lines…we are now friends and contributors. Asha is a wonderful and creative make-up artist with her own Makeup Artistry School. I love her website www.ashaschoolofmakeupart.com

YOUR DREAM PROFESSION (OTHER THAN THE ONE YOU CURRENTLY HAVE): I’ve been involved in music for a long time on and off as a singer so music is probably the only other passion I would actively pursue. I love anything artistic, that involves colour and beauty, fashion and jewelry design are also areas that I have experimented with as well.

IN 5 WORDS DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: Edgy, classic, colourful, minimal, trendy.

YOUR MOST CHERISHED BEAUTY ITEM: MAC studio fix concealer – covers everything, is easy to apply, is waterproof and even survives hot yoga class! Instantly makes me look more awake and presentable.

YOUR MOST COVETED BEAUTY ITEM: I love high end lip glosses like DIOR and CHANEL as well as the coordinating eyeshadow palettes but I rarely by them because I have so many eyeshadow colours already and there are only so many lipglosses a girl can have lying around, especially when I have the loose pigments to make more colours.

YOUR FAVORITE TOP 5 BEAUTY PRODUCTS: It’s hard to choose just five… but here are the five I most use personally for my own everyday makeup. MAC mineralize skin finish face powder – looks very natural but gives the slightest bit of coverage and eliminates shine without being to matte. L’OREAL Paris voluminous mascara – I only need two coats for dark, thick lashes which I comb through between each coat. This mascara usually lasts me for a month which is twice as long as some other brands. MAC naked pigment which I use as a highlighter on my brow bones, cheek bones and down the centre of my nose. DIOR shine addict lipgloss – pretty range of colours and I like the texture as well as the applicator brush. GARNIER Nutrise 24 hour moisturizer with SPF15 – great drugstore brand moisturizer that is easy to apply foundation over and provides a little sun protection and does not feel heavy or greasy.

YOUR FAVORITE ART OR ARTIST: Scott Barnes – I like his approach to makeup and that he is really into contouring and highlighting according to a person’s natural bone structure. He was a painter before he became a makeup artist and so he has a real understanding of the way light hits a person’s face as well as the knowledge of blending exclusively with brushes.

YOUR FAVORITE PERFUME (AND WHY?): Daisy by Marc Jacbos. I’m not a huge perfume fan really, but I tried this several years ago while I had some time to kill on a layover. I sprayed some on my wrist and walked away and with in ten minutes I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist – so I knew I had to buy a bottle! It really works well with my body chemistry and I have never been told “you smell amazing” by more random people in my life!

YOUR STYLE ICON: Alexa Chung, my mother, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss

WHAT MAKES YOU TICK: Art, music, fashion, colour, music, laughter!

YOUR FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: South Beach – its my fantasy world because its upscale tropical. It reminds me enough of home (St.kitts West Indies) But still has all the North American amenities like shopping and starbucks! There’s fabulous healthy food, beautiful people and amazing parties and cool art deco architecture.

5 THINGS YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My Blackberry, My Macbook, hot yoga classes, my chihuahua and a good pair of heels.

YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE: Mink eyelash extensions! They’re expensive – but they’re fun and glamourous and plus I don’t have to wear mascara for a few weeks. I’ll usually just wear a bright lipcolour instead of eye makeup.

YOUR SECRET TO LIVING THE LUXE LIFE: I like to spend more money on bags and accessories than say a simple summer dress. Clothes, other than the absolute staple wardrobe pieces are disposable, where as a beautiful purse can make a cotton dress look a lot “nicer” then it actually is. I will never spend $300 on t shirt but on an amazing pair of jeans that I will own for several years – sure. I also love working with young designers to get custom clothes made – I enjoy the whole process – from choosing the fabric to deciding on a design.

YOUR ONE TOP BEAUTY ADVICE: Wear what suits you and what you get complimented on most. Don’t worry about the season’s newest eyeshadow trend – if a bold red lip colour and a neutral face really suit you then stick with this classic look. Experiment with all the different finishes available in reds – from matte, to stains and glosses – this way your signature look remains fresh and current but still true to you.

A little something I find fun to do in my spare time…. http://asharachel.polyvore.com